Online shopping is a bit like an addictive drug. Add in some wine and it’s party. But unfortunately we all know that most of our purchases don’t actually work out ( however, that doesn’t stop us though!); the item doesn’t look as shown, it’s too big or too small, or it just doesn’t suit you. From years of online shopping, I’ve picked up a few tips + tricks that I thought I would share:

1. Look at other photos on other websites
Most sites do a really good job of making their items look appealing so it’s a good idea to get some variety with the photos. Just Google the item to see it on different sites.

2. Check out the fabric content
This is something that can really make or break a piece. Because you can’t touch the garment, it’s really hard to know what the fabric might look like. Asos has great pieces, but I once bought a blazer from there that was actually made of sweatpant-like material. I should have checked to see if it was made from a wool blend! Polyester isn’t necessarily bad, but it can look cheap, especially on budget sites, so keep that in mind!

3. Read reviews 
Even if it’s not on the site you’re actually purchasing from, look to see what other customers are saying about the product in question. It can be super helpful with sizing up and down.

4. Check their return policy 
This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s pretty important, especially in your own country. Will the company refund your duty if your order doesn’t work out? Does it come with a pre-paid return label? Will you get a full refund? Shopbop is my favourite for this.

5. Google to see it in real life
If I’m unsure about a piece, I’ll Google it with “fashion blog/blogger” so I can see the garment on a real person. I find it helpful to see how it might fit that woman (is she slim, curvy, short, tall?) and what it looks like IRL.

Do you guys have any tips for online shopping? It may actually be my favorite way to shop…

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